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Fort Hill Cemetery, 19 Fort Street, Auburn, NY., 13021.
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Charles G. Adams (1859-1935) Founder of Adams Insurance.

Brevet Brigadier-General Andrew J Alexander (1833-1887) Civil War Officer and General. Friend of Myles Keogh and brother-in-law of General Upton.

Gorton W. Allen (1840-1920) Co-owner of the Henry & Allen Company.

Isaac Allen (1804-1881) A local attorney and one of the original twelve trustees of the Cemetery.

Frank A. Barney (1862-1954) Auburn artist known for landscapes of scenery from Central New York.

Alonzo G. Beardsley (1820-1906) Lawyer, one of the organizers of the Oswego Starch Co.

Hon. John Beardsley (1783-1857) Associate Judge of Cayuga County.

Nelson Beardsley (1808-1894) President of the Cayuga County National Bank. Member first board of Trustees Fort Hill Cemetery.

William C. Beardsley (1816-1900) One of the eight founders of Fort Hill Cemetery, member on the first board of Trustees.

Silas L. Bradley (1817-1883) Merchant and banker, established an endowment for the construction and maintenance of Bradley Chapel.

Charles G. Briggs (1813-1887) Mayor of Auburn 1864.

Dr. Lansing Briggs (1808-1888) Mayor of Auburn 1857-59.

Theodore W. Case (1888-1944) Scientist, inventor. Created the first commercially successful soundtrack for motion pictures. Donated property to create the Cayuga Museum.

General John H Chedell (1806-1875) Militia, industrialist, member of the first board of Trustees Fort Hill Cemetery.

E. D. Clapp (1823-1889) Industrialist, president of E.D. Clapp Company; produced forgings and horse-drawn wagons.

General John S Clark (1823-1912) Civil War General, Authority on Early Jesuit Missions, the Early Iroquois and the Mound Builders.

George L. Clough (1824-1901) Noted artist, born in Auburn NY.

William Miller Collier (1867-1956) Ambassador to Spain and Chile, wrote laws on bankruptcy.

George Corning (1818-1892) Established the first shoe manufacturing company in Auburn.

William O. Dapping (1880-1969) Covered the 1929 riots at the Auburn Prison for the Citizen Newspaper.

James C. Derby (1818-1892) Publisher. Member of the first Board of Trustees of the Cemetery.

Cyrus C. Dennis (1806-1866) First Mayor of the City of Auburn. One of the Cemetery's first Trustees.

Brigadier General Adam Dixon (1827-1910) NY Veteran of Civil War and Brigadier General of Kansas Guard.

Allen Macy Dulles (1854-1930) Professor at Auburn Theological Seminary. Father of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, CIA Director Allen Dulles, diplomat Eleanor Dulles, and grandfather of Cardinal Avery Dulles S.J.

David M. Dunning (1844-1940) Civil Engineer, horticulturist.

Charles F. Durston (1840-1894) Warden of Auburn Prison.

Fred L. Emerson (1876-1948) Industrialist, president Dunn & McCarthy, first to adapt assembly line production in shoe industry.

William V. Emerson (1933-1992) Industrialist, philanthropist.

Edwin R. Fay (1829-1930) Banker.

Dr. Blanchard Fosgate (1809-1887) Physician at the Auburn Prison in 1834.

John S. Fowler (1821-1902) Mayor of Auburn 1866 and 1867.

Nathaniel Garrow (1780-1841) U.S. Representative from New York 24th District, Cayuga County sheriff, businessman.

Harold Metcalf Green (1940-2016) Businessman, Co-Owner of Winius-Brandon (Houston, TX), Professional Photographer.

Wharton Green Jr. (1910-1969) Owner of Nye Wait Carpet Company 1936 to 1956.

John W Haight (1815-1895) One of the first Trustees on the Fort Hill board.

Hon. Benjamin F. Hall (1813-1891) Mayor of Auburn, Colorado Supreme Court Justice. One of the first Trustees on the Fort Hill board.

George Harbottle (1810-1877) Jeweler, built 39 South Street.

John Hardenburg (1746-1806) Revolutionary War soldier. Founder of Auburn.

George W. Hatch (1805-1866) Original owner of Fort Hill property, one of the eight founders of the Fort Hill Cemetery.

Daniel Hewson (1796-1881) Mayor of Auburn.

Jerome "Brud" Holland (1916-1985) Ambassador to Sweden, Cornell football star, first African American director of the New York Stock Exchange.

Thomas Y. How (d. 1860) Original owner of Fort Hill property. One of the eight founders of the Fort Hill Cemetery and one of the Trustees on the first board.

Dr. Frederick Humphreys (1816-1900) Founder of Humphreys Homeopathic Medicine Co.

Judge George Humphreys (1812-1885) Mayor of Auburn in 1861, 1862 and 1865.

John M. Hurd (1832-1886) Mayor of Auburn in 1869.

Marie Infanger (1911-2002) First woman elected to the National Bank of Auburn board of directors.

The Rev. Ives (1822-1912) Auburn Prison Chaplain, pastor of the First Methodist Church.

Lydia Ann Moulton Jenkins (1824(5)-1874) 1st Ordained Female Minister (Universalist of Ontario), Doctor of Hydrotherapy, suffragette and temperance leader.

Edgar S. Jennings (1870-1956) Warden of Auburn Prison during the 1929 riots.

Capt. T J Kennedy (1820-1883) In 1861, raised the first regiment from Cayuga County.

Myles Keogh (1840-1876) Soldier of fortune, killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Brigadier-General William Kirby (1842-1933) NYSNG Brigadier General who served in both in the Civil War and the Spanish American War.

Louis B. Lawton (1872-1949) Recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor

Walter K. Long (1904-1986) Artist, Cayuga Museum Director for 50 years.

Enos Throop Martin (1808-1883) Attorney, one of the original Trustees of the Cemetery, nephew of Governor Enos Throop.

Zebina M. Mason (1806-1864) One of the original Trustees of the Cemetery.

J. Warren Mead (1845-1913) Warden of the Auburn Prison from 1897 to 1905.

Harry R. Melone (1894-1949) Editor, author.

William C Merritt (1923-2015) Businessman, President of Simplex. Lead the restoration of Fort Hill's Bradley Chapel.

Elizabeth Bradley Metcalf (1915-2004) Social Activist in Mental Health and Child Welfare Company.

Edwin D. Metcalf (1848-1915) Industrialist, founder of Columbian Rope Company.

Edwin F. Metcalf (1876-1949) Industrialist, philanthropist, Chairman and President of Columbian Rope Company 1916-1948.

Harold G. Metcalf (1882-1971) Industrialist, Chairman and President of Columbian Rope Company, Director Cayuga County National Bank.

George R. Metcalf (1914-2002) State Senator, Author, grandson of Edwin D Metcalf.

Col. Stanley W. Metcalf (1893-1980) Chairman and President of Columbian Rope Company, veteran of WW1 and WW2.

Christopher Morgan (1808-1877) New York Secretary of State 1848-1852, Mayor of Auburn 1860.

Michael S. Myers (1801-1884) One of the eight founders of Fort Hill Cemetery. President of the first board of Trustees.

Robert A. Nelson (1900-1984) Mayor of Auburn 1952 to 1956.

George H. Nye (1854-1916) Bank president, president of Nye Wait Carpet.

Charles Devens Osborne (1889-1961) Mayor of Auburn 1931 and 1937.

David Munson Osborne (1822-1886) Industrialist, founder of D. M. Osborne & Co., later named International Harvester. Mayor of Auburn in 1879.

Eliza Wright Osborne (1829-1911) Philanthropist, leader in women's movement.

John H Osborne (1832-1911) Secretary of D M Osborne Co, and brother of David Munson Osborne.

Lithgow Osborne (1892-1980) Newspaper publisher, ambassador to Norway.

Thomas Mott Osborne (1859-1926) Son of Eliza W. and David M. Osborne. Mayor, prison reformer. Warden of Sing Sing Prison. Mayor of Auburn 1903-1905.

Sereno Payne (1843-1912) Republican Congressman for 30 years. Majority Leader.

Charles E. Pearce (1843-1902) Captain in the Union Army, Republican Congressman.

Theodore M. Pomeroy (1824-1905) State Senator, Mayor of Auburn.

Florence Dangerfield Potter (1868-1932) Lawyer, the second woman admitted to the Bar of New York City.

George Oscar Rathbun (1803-1870) Lawyer, Congressman.

Hugo B. Rathbun (1812-1886) One of the eight founders of Fort Hill Cemetery.

Brig-General Walter G Robinson (1879-1940)Veteran of WW I and the head of the NYS National Guard.

Jane Rogers (d. 1892) Director of Cayuga Asylum for Destitute Children for 32 years.

Herman H. Schwartz (1906-1992) Industrialist, philanthropist.

Maurice I. Schwartz (1901-1967) Industrialist, philanthropist. Mayor of Auburn from 1960-1967.

Dr. Frederick Sefton (1859-1938) Physician, built 'The Pines' on South Street.

General Jesse Segoine (1804-1895) Civil War veteran and community leader.

Frances A. Seward (1805-1865) Wife of William H Seward.

William H. Seward (1801-1872) Secretary of State for Lincoln. Purchased Alaska.

General William H. Seward (1839-1920) Civil War General, Banker and Community Leader

James A. Seymour (1864-1943) Co-founded McIntosh & Seymour, later named American Locomotive Co. [ALCO].

James S. Seymour (1791-1875) Philanthropist, founded Seymour Library and Auburn City Hospital.

John Sherwood (1793-1871) Colonel NYS Militia, Sherwood Stage Line, Auburn Academy, Auburn/Syracuse Railroad.

Anthony Shimer (1819-1896) Landlord for downtown Auburn in the late 1800's.

Albert T. Skinner (1913-1992). He was the first Dean and second President of Auburn Community College, now Cayuga Community College. He served there from 1953 -1977, and was largely responsible for developing the college to the institution it is today. He is buried in the Fairmount Gardens section of the cemetery.

Josiah N. Starin (1811-1895) One of the eight founders of Fort Hill Cemetery.

John Taber (1880-1965) Congressman 1922-1962.

S. C. Tallman (1855-1925) Undertaker.

David A Taylor (1825-1896) Civil War Veteran.

Harriet Tubman (ca. 1820-1913) Former slave, leader of the Underground Railroad.

James E. Tyler (1807-1882) Mayor of Auburn in 1868.

George Underwood (1816-1859) One of the eight founders of Fort Hill Cemetery.

Gen. Emory Upton (1839-1881) Distinguished Civil War commander.

Horace R. Wait (1844-1919) Merchant and Real Estate Dealer

William F. Wait (1846-1915) Vice-President and General Manager of Nye & Wait Carpet Co.

John L. Watrous (1801-1862) One of the eight founders of Fort Hill Cemetery, Mayor of Auburn 1855.

Cyrenus Wheeler, Jr. (1817-1892) Inventor, mayor of Auburn.

Henry Wegman (1845-1894) Operated the Wegman Piano Company.

Jonas White Jr. (1813-1876) Mayor of Auburn in 1863.

Dr. Sylvester Willard (1798-1886) Physician, capitalist, philanthropist.

James O. Woodruff (1840-1879) Innovator, planner and founder of Woodruff Place, Indiana.

Martha Coffin Wright (1806-1875) Sister of Lucretia Mott. Mother of Eliza W. Osborne. Active in women's rights movement.

Nancy Green Wyatt-Brown (1915-2002) Daughter of H G Metcalf.

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