~ Fort Hill Cemetery ~


Michael S. Myers
First President of Fort Hill Cemetery

Born 1801, died 1884.

Michael S. Myers was born at Waterford, Saratoga County, NY., April 15, 1801. He was educated in his native town and read law there. In 1817 he entered the law office of Lockwood & Throop in Auburn and was admitted to the bar in 1825. Soon thereafter he moved to Aurora and practiced there with Hon. Glen Cuyler until 1828, at which time he was elected County Clerk by reason of which he returned to Auburn. He served nine years as clerk and later three years as district attorney. In 1844 Mr. Myers was appointed inspector of prisons and in 1849 was appointed postmaster of Auburn. He held many important offices and was an active figure in public affairs. from "Historical Records of A Hundred and Twenty Years" by Joel H. Monroe, 1913.

The Myers family lot is in the Forest Lawn section of the Cemetery.

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