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Nancy Green Wyatt-Brown

Born 1915, Died 2002

Nancy Elizabeth Metcalf was born on September 23, 1915 in Auburn, the daughter of Harold Grant Metcalf and Maude Nye Metcalf. As the eldest of three Metcalf daughters, Nancy was a delightful child, showing interests in many areas; one of which was animals. She had a pet pony, which was kept in a stable behind her birthplace, 39 William Street. As the story goes, she rode the pony into the formal dining room during the breakfast hour. The horse proceeded to eat her father's poached eggs right from his plate.

Her formal schooling included the Baldwin Academy, where she met her husband to be Wharton "Butch" Green Jr. on a cruise in 1932. The couple fell instantly in love and became part of the Princeton University social set where he was being educated. Butch moved to Auburn in 1935 and the couple married on April 4, 1936. They established residence on East Lake Road, opposite the Auburn Country Club. The couple excelled in tennis at the Owasco Country Club, winning numerous singles and doubles championships.

Nancy's love of animals evolved into raising dogs, often having four or more. While her husband was busy with the Nye Wait Carpet Company, Nancy gave birth to a first son, Wharton Green III, on August 28, 1938; a second son, Harold Metcalf Green on September 27, 1940; a third son, Barton Nye Green on April 4, 1942; a daughter Nancy Elizabeth Green on January 3, 1944; another daughter, Clarissa Packard Green, on June 17, 1945; another daughter, Carroll Nye Green on June 17, 1950; another daughter, Susan Stewart Green on March 25, 1952. A fifth daughter, Maude Nye Green, died shortly after birth in 1954. Her husband suffered a heart attack in 1954, an event that would change the rest of her life. His doctor recommended that the family move to a warmer climate. They settled on Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Nancy became active in tennis circles at the Coral Ridge Country Club. Her husband died in 1969. Two years later she met a retired Episcopal minister, Hunter Wyatt Brown of Ft. Lauderdale. The couple was married in 1972 and moved to Beaufort, South Carolina. Nancy and Hunter became active participants in the social life of Beaufort, and established a summer residence on Martha's Vineyard, an island Nancy dearly loved as a child. Hunter died in 2001. Nancy discovered she had cancer in early 2002, and died on August 29, 2002. written by Wharton Green III


This painting is by Frank Barney. The three daughters of H G Metcalf (Nancy Elizabeth, Jean Nye, Carol Flint) are on the front lawn of 'Melrose', the estate of their mother's father George Nye.

The Green family plot is located in the Cemetery's Council Ground section.

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