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Gorton Allen
Gorton W. Allen

Born 1840 died 1920.

Gorton Allen was the treasurer of the Henry & Allen Company; [William J. Henry was president and resided at 223 State Street]. The company manufacturered cutting apparatus for harvesting machinery, bicycle chains, guard plates, and drop forgings. The company was also listed as proprietors of the Columbia Knife and Bar Works. The office and factory were located at the corner Aurelius Ave and Wadsworth.

Gorton Allen was married to Caroline Osborne (1840-1888), sister of David Munson Osborne.

This ad appeared in 1904: (Note "Gorton" is spelled wrong)

Gorton Allen

Gorton Allen Residence

Allen's house at 85 South Street still stands. It was built in 1882 and was designed by the local architectural firm of Green & Wicks. The house was recently purchased by Westminster Manor for senior citizen apartments.


The Allen family lot is in the Cemetery's Morning Side section.

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