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George Corning

Born 1818, died 1892

George Corning, Jr
Born 1856, Died 1914

from the Biographical Review 1894 Page 702-703

    George Corning Jr., a prominent retired merchant of the city of Auburn is the son of George and Anna (Ferguson) Corning and was born in St. Louis Missouri Nov. 22, 1856. Mr. Corning Sr. was of New England ancestry, his birthplace being in Stepney CT on the farm adjoining the old homestead of Daniel B. Fairweather. On arriving at years of maturity he went to St. Louis and engaged in the shoe business, afterward moving to Jefferson City Missouri where he was engaged in prison contract work. Coming to Auburn in 1871, he took a contract for 100 men at the Auburn State Prison, continuing in that work until prison contract work was abolished, when he started a shoe manufactory in Auburn under the name George Corning and Sons, giving employment to 75 people. It was one of the first in the city, and the only one then in operation. Upon the retirement of George Sr. from active business, 8 years later, his place in the firm was taken by his son George Jr. The father died at his home in Auburn.

    George Jr. received his early education at Missouri State College at Mexico Missouri after which he went to college at Poughkeepsie preparatory to entering West Point receiving his appointment to the military from B. Gratz Brown, Governor of Missouri but, being in ill-health at the time, he did not take advantage of it and returned to Jefferson City, where he learned the practical part of the business under his father, remaining in his employment until his removal to Auburn, when he was taken into the firm, which then comprised of George Sr., Erastus (1862-1904) and George Jr. He married Miss Cora N. Tremaine, daughter of E. L. Tremaine, of one of the oldest and most respected families in Auburn. They had two children, Phema Louise and Philip Erastus. He continued in the shoe trade until 1891.

The Corning monument is located in the Linden View section of the Cemetery.

The monument reads: "In Living Remembrance George Corning, born at Stepney, Connecticut, Oct. 31, 1818, died at Auburn, N.Y. March 8, 1892. At Rest." On the base there is "Jenny & Nelbach, Utica, NY.", probably the monument manufacturer.
Buried on the Corning lot are: George Corning Sr, his wife Anna, his sons George Jr. and Erastus.

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