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Wharton Green Jr.

Born 1910, Died 1969

    Wharton “Butch” Green Jr. was born in East Orange, New Jersey on December 19, 1910, the son of Wharton and Clara Barton Green. Shortly after birth, the Greens moved to Summit, New Jersey where a beautiful large home was built on Lenox Avenue. Schooled at the Morristown Academy, young Wharton excelled in sports, especially hockey. Following graduation, he entered Princeton University. His interests included music, art and hockey. He soon formed his own orchestra, “The Equinox” and began playing at in-school and off campus events. His leadership style in music would attract the attention of famous band leader Paul Whiteman, who later offered Wharton a job in his band. His interest in art came naturally to him. His father was a renowned architect for the City of New York, designed such famous landmarks as the 1939 World’s Fair, the IRT subway system and Idlewyld Airport (now JFK).

    Young Wharton met his wife to be, Nancy Elizabeth Metcalf, on a cruise in 1932. The pair was instantly in love and became a regular part of the Princeton social scene. Following his graduation in 1934, Wharton pursued his art career in New York City, before moving to Auburn, the home of his bride to be. He then purchased the Nye Wait Carpet Company on Division Street. The couple was married on April 4, 1936 and established residence on East Lake Road opposite the Auburn Country Club. Their first son, Wharton Green III was born on August 28, 1938; another son, Harold Metcalf Green on September 27, 1940; another son, Barton Nye Green on April 4, 1942; a daughter Nancy Elizabeth Green on January 3, 1944; another daughter, Clarissa Packard Green on June 17, 1945; another daughter Carroll Nye Green on June 17, 1950; another daughter, Susan Stewart Green on March 25, 1952. A fifth daughter, Maude Nye Green, died shortly after birth in 1954.

    Wharton became extremely active at the Owasco Country Club, serving many terms as a club officer. He and Nancy excelled in singles and doubles tennis at the club, winning championships in several years. Butch also excelled in golf, winning numerous club and area championships through the years. His interest in art evolved toward photography where he won many New York State Amateur photographic contests. His company, Nye Wait, became a nationwide leader in custom carpet. During World War II, the nylon carpet was invented at the plant. Nye Wait carpet was installed at the White House in 1948 and in the U.S.S. Constitution in 1950. The carpet was regarded as the nation’s finest.

    Wharton suffered a heart attack in 1954, an event which would change the rest of his life. Following recuperation, he decided to sell the firm and move the family to a warmer climate, a recommendation of his doctor. The couple moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in August 1956. Butch pursued a career in real estate and financial planning until his death in 1969. written by Wharton Green III

The Green family plot is located in the Cemetery's Council Ground section.

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