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Cyrus C. Dennis
Born 1806, Died 1866

    Cyrus Dennis was the first Mayor when Auburn was incorporated as a city in 1848.
Theodore M Pomeroy was the Clerk. The City Alderman were: Shubael Cottle, Joseph Morris, Joshua Burt, Charles F. Coffin, Edward Barber, John B Gaylord, Stephen S Austin, and Wheaton Sanders.

From Hall's History of Auburn:
    "Mr. Dennis exhibited a high order of intelligence, and sustained an unsullied reputation for integrity and virtue. He was proverbially known as an upright, straightforward, out-spoken, clear-headed, enterprising, generous, and patriotic citizen, and there never was a business man in the whole community whose loss was more deeply felt than his."

Cyrus Dennis was also on the first board of Trustees for Fort Hill Cemetery.

The Dennis family plot is located in the Cemetery's Fort Alleghan section.

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