~ Fort Hill Cemetery ~

William Miller Collier
Born 1867, died 1956

From "One Hundred and Fifty Years of Progress" by Harry Melone, 1929

Collier, William, Miller, Diplomat. Born Lodi, NY, Nov. 1867. Son of Rev. Isaac H. and Frances Miller. Married Frances Beardsley Ross of Auburn, Sept 13, 1893, great grand-daughter of the late Nelson Beardsley of Auburn and Elmore P. Ross, Auburn, both prominent in financial and political life of central New York. Mrs. Collier is ninth in descent from "Goodman" John Beardsley who settled in Connecticut in 1632. Home: 2 Hamilton Ave., Auburn, NY.

The headstone reads:
Author of many legal treatises including
"Collier on Bankruptcy".
Held many public offices and positions of importance.
Amongst them
Minister Plenipotentiary to Spain, 1905-1909
President of George Washington University, Washington, DC 1917-1921.
Ambassador to Chile, 1921-1928.
In the toil,
the honor and the duties of all these positions,
his wife, Frances, nobly bore her share.

The Collier lot is located in the Consecration Dell section.

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