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Edwin Flint Metcalf

Edwin and Bertha Metcalf
Born 1876, died 1949.

Edwin F. Metcalf was President of the Columbian Rope Company from 1916 to 1928,
and later Chairman of the Board. He was also vice-president of the National Bank of Auburn.
Born August 21, 1876 in Springfield, Massachusetts, he was one of three sons
of Edwin Dickinson Metcalf, founder of Columbian Rope.
His brothers were Harold G. Metcalf and Stanley W. Metcalf.
He married Bertha Rich (Oct 8, 1882 - Jan 26, 1965), of Cato. They had three sons:
Edwin Rich Metcalf, Frank Rich Metcalf, and George Rich Metcalf.

The Edwin F. Metcalf family, perhaps their anniversary in 1946.
L-R first row: Elizabeth Crocker Flint Metcalf, Bertha R. Metcalf, Edwin F. Metcalf, Elizabeth Ann (Becky) Metcalf.
Second row: Frank R. Metcalf, Ruth Horton Metcalf, Edwin R. Metcalf, George R. Metcalf.

The Metcalf lot is located in the Glen Haven section of the cemetery.

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