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The Bradley Chapel
Office & Tower Window Restoration Project

The Bradley Chapel and the Tower were built in 1893 with the Cemetery office added to the Tower in 1928. The Chapel and the Tower feature numerous stained glass windows and the office has several dramatic windows built in the old style of glass and leaded metal frame. The windows had been covered with a protective layer of clear plastic. Years of exposure to the sun had degraded this protection and it was time to be replaced. On the stained glass windows, some panes had been replaced through the years and were in need of repair. Through a generous grant from the Fred L. Emerson Foundation, the experts at Brennan Stained Glass Studio were retained for the project.

This photo shows the Cemetery office and the Bradley Chapel Tower. When this photo was taken, the windows had been painted and the old plastic was removed in preparation for the new protective glass and frames.

The north side of the Tower features a large stained glass window.

At the top of the Tower are three rectangular openings. Old photos show wood louvers installed which were boarded over some years later. Three new stained glass windows will be installed, complete with new protective glass and frames.

This is a closer view of the stained glass window in the Tower.

There is a room inside the Tower behind the window. This picture is taken from that room looking out through the window. As this photo was taken, the crew was preparing the window for paint -- if you look closely you can see a ladder and a man on the other side of the window.

The crew is ready to install the aluminum frame to hold the new protective glass. These custom-made frames are a work of art in themselves. They have been shaped to trace the original designs of the window frames, without division bars to interfere with the patterns in the glass.

At the top of the tower, you can see the three windows now have their protective glass and frames, waiting installation of their new stained glass windows.

While work was progressing on the Tower windows, the Bradley Chapel was also receiving attention.

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