~ Fort Hill Cemetery ~

     In 1852 an obelisk of native stone, fifty-six feet in height, was erected to the memory of Tah-gah-jute, or Logan, the celebrated Chief of the Cayugas, a tribe of the Six Nations. On the north side of this memorial a marble slab bears the inscription: "Who is there to mourn for Logan"

     As written in the newspaper articles below, the monument was built by Isaac Sisson, Jr. It appears that the monument was built with funds collected from private sources: Page 130 of "Historical Records of A Hundred And Twenty Years" by Joel H Monroe, published 1913.
"Mr. Allen was one of the twelve trustees who incorporated Fort Hill Cemetery Association, the 16th of May, 1851 and served about two years as secretary and treasurer while the grounds were being laid out and was also a contributor to the fund for the erection of the Logan monument."

     Newspaper abstracts on Fort Hill Cemetery from the Cayuga County Historians Office.

Auburn Daily Advertiser, Home Item, Friday May 6, 1853:
     We understand that the Fort Hill Cemetery Association have contracted with Mr. Isaac Sisson, Jr.(*), to erect the contemplated Monument to the memory of Logan, on the sacred ground of the cemetery. The monument is to be 50 feet high and 12 feet square at the base. The Association also designs to erect a Lodge at the end of Fort Street and there have the grand entrance to the grounds, as soon as arrangements can be made for that purpose. We learn, with pleasure, that several of our citizens, who have purchased lots to become the resting places of themselves and kindred, are setting out ornamental trees, and otherwise beautifying their premises. Others should follow their example as the time is passing fast when trees with safety can be transplanted this season.

(*) Issac Sisson is buried here at Fort Hill. Click here for his page.

(ibid.; Saturday June 4, 1853; HI):
     Monument to "Logan", the celebrated Indian Chief, now erected in Fort Hill Cemetery is rapidly progressing, it will add much to the Cemetery. It has already attained height of about 35 feet.

(ibid.; Thursday June 16, 1853; HI):
     Stone monument erecting to the memory of Logan in the Fort Hill Cemetery has reached its heights and is topped off to a point. When cleaned off and stone neatly pointed this towering pile will add a prominent feature of attraction to the ground. It is gratifying to notice improvements gradually taking place by owners of lots in the cemetery - every week added hundreds often seen strolling around the glens, mounts, and lawns. We venture to say that ere many years (of improvements continued at this rate) the traveler who may visit this spot will say that nowhere in the vast domain of the Union could a more suitable spot be found in the vicinity of any place than this for a rural cemetery.

(ibid.; Friday July 15, 1853; HI):
     Monument to Logan finished. It is designed now to enclose it with an iron fence when the whole will present near appearance.

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