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Arthur Merritt

Born 1804, died 1834.

From the Auburn Free Press, November 14, 1827: "Married on Monday evening last by D. C. Lansing, D. D., Mr. Arthur Merritt of the firm Cooley & Merritt, to Miss Adeline E. daughter of Hon. Nathaniel Garrow of this village (Auburn)."

hat7 Before the days of photography, it was popular to create a silhouette. This is Arthur in his dress coat and top hat. This silhouette was made in New York City in the late 1820's.

An influenza epidemic began in Asia late in 1829. The disease also broke out in Russia in the winter of 1830 and spread westward. When she died at the young age of 23, Adeline may have been a casualty of the flu epidemic. Her obituary from the Cayuga Republican, Oct, 20, 1830: "Died, in this village (Auburn) on morning of 18th instant, after a very short illness, Mrs. Adeline E., wife of Mr. Arthur Merritt, and daughter of Hon. Nathaniel Garrow, age 23.....interesting, intelligent, affectionate companion,...parents whose hearts have before made to bleed...a child who yet knows not her loss."
I believe this last sentence refers to Arthur and Adeline's only child, a daughter, Adeline C. Merritt (1828-1909); she would have been two years old when her mother died.

From the Cayuga Republican, Apr 4, 1832: "Married, in this town (Auburn) on 2nd inst. by Rev D.C. Axtell, Mr. Arthur Merritt, merchant of Auburn to Miss Harriet B. Phelps of Stonington, CT."

Arthur is mentioned in various newspaper articles from the early 1830s -- elected as Treasurer for the Village of Auburn, as a delegate to the Republican Party electoral convention, and as an attorney.
Arthur died in 1834 at the age of 30.

Arthur and Adeline are buried in the Garrow lot of Fort Hill Cemetery's Fort Alleghan.